Boganala | About Us
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About Us




Boganala Consulting Pty Ltd is a division of Boganala Supplies Pty Ltd which was formed in terms of company act 1984 of South Africa. The ideal formation of this company is to re-inforced the need to achieve “non-racial integrated society through sustainable development, wealth creation, poverty alleviation and equity”.

The company acts as a catalyst between all spheres of government and cross sectors to provide quality and cost effective service delivery, complying with corporate governance requirements and promoting black economic empowerment. Boganala is a 100% black-owned entity rated at Level 1 with BEE scoring.



To become a leading and dynamic player by contributing to an economical goal of our country by sustaining growth and prosperity. Company values are built on / Accountability / Respect and humanity / Dedication / Collaboration / Transparency/ Responsibility / Fairness / Trust / Discipline. In support of our core values, vision and future business path. We believe in making a difference in people’s life by contributing to the national goals of poverty alleviation and job creation.


To give all clients better service, improving works systems, being more responsive in attending to client’s needs, delivering quality every time and eliminating waste. To create pockets of excellence. Reduce overall cost of service delivery. Capacity and ability to compete robustly. To promote Black Economic Empowerment. To comply with Service Level Agreements

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.