Boganala | Solutions
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Surface Exploration Drilling

We have exploration rigs XY 44, Secco’s and Komakio drill rigs which can drill up to 1000m, we have a complete team of well trained competant personnel who carry out the works in a safe manner, we are able to drill vertical and inclined holes, our drilling crew are able to do core orientation aswell.

Underground Drilling

The company has ventured into underground drilling, we have Kempe drills and meter eater that can do directional and horizontal drilling from 35deg- 90 deg, our drill rigs are mounted with electrical motors which works using atleast 75 Kw electricity supply or generators. Our drillrigs can drill an average of 40 m-60m per 12 hour shift, we can drill with NXT, PQ, BQ, BQ3, TNW and other sizes.

Geohydrological Services

We have super rock percussion drill rigs mounted on the truck with its compressor, the rigs are utilised to drill percussion holes for coal exploration, mainly where the client doesn’t require core before reaching coal seem, we also use drill rigs to drill Boreholes for drinking water or pizzometer hole for ground water monitoring and contamination studies.

Geotechnical Land Survey and Environmental Services

We carry out Geotechnical investigation and foundation design of Roads, Bridges, Tunnels, Shafts Sinking, Pipelines, Buildings and all other Infrastructure.

Civil and Construction

Boganala is accredited with NHBRC, we have completed projects ranging from Residential houses, Schools sanitation projects and low cost housing projects. We have complete teams from Design (Geotech, Structural engineers, Quantity surveyors, Project managers and Administration teams), Implementing and Quality assurance.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.